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Director - Charlotte D'Alfonso
Musical Director - Kimberly Chase
Rehearsal Pianists - April Clayton, Shannon DeArment
Choreography - Jennifer Ferguson
Stage Manager - Elysa Farrell
Assistant Stage Manager - Allyson Blaschak
Set Director - Morgan Frazier
Set Crew - Jason Gruber, Jordi Farrell, Elysa Farrell, Andrew Wilson, Colleen Shaughnessy
House Manager - Morgan Frazier
Make Up - Chairman - Jen Ferguson
Crew - Brandi Quinter, Carolyn Barney, April Clayton
Props Co Chairman - Amanda McGuire, Michelle Baker,Hillary Kosnac, Megan Baker
Thursday - Kelsey Cousley, Tyler Blaschak
Saturday - Allison Good, Kaleigh Anderson
Thursday - Allyson Blaschak, Amanda McGuire
Friday - Kevin Christy, Amanda Morris
Saturday - Maureen Shaughnessy, Ashley Gruber

Act 1 Scene 1 directed by Jason Gruber
Act 1 Scene 3 - 4 directed by Jen Ferguson
Act 1 Scene 6 directed by Shannon DeArment
Act 1 Scene 9 directed by Jordy Farrell
Act 2 Scene 2 directed by April Clayton
Act 2 Scene 3 directed by Ken Arnold

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Keystone Education Center for allowing us to do our performance in their facility. Anthony D'Alfonso for helping put up posters. Ed and Jordy Farrell for fixing the flats and supplying some of the material. Ruth Quinter and Carter Lumber for supplying some of the materials for the flats. Terri Wilson and Packard Paints for supplying paint. Ted Morus for his support during all these summers and for giving us a place to rehearse. Dr Bill Robinson Thiel Theatre Director, Greenville Area Community Theatre, Greg Ramsdell for getting us the portable piano, Ruth Quinter, Sandi Gramata, Cindy Farrell, Terri Wilson, Vicki Cousley and all the parents who have helped during the production.


Narrator # 1 - Rikki Heffern
Narrator # 2 - Jordy Farrell
Narrator # 3 - Amanda McGuire
Narrator # 4 - Hillary Kosnac
Narrator # 5 - Kelsey Cousley
Storyteller - Amy Krachkowski
Alice 1 - Brandi Quinter
Alice 2 - Carolyn Barney
Alice 3 - Candy Vernille
Alice 4 - Kelsey Cousley
White Rabbit - Tom Van Buren
Mock Turtle - Ken Arnold
Red Queen - Jen Ferguson
White Queen - Elysa Farrell
March Hare - Kevin Christy
Duchess - Amanda McGuire
Cook - Allyson Blaschak
Gryphon - Jason Gruber
King of Hearts - Andrew Wilson
Tweedledum - Allison Good
Tweedledee - Kaleigh Anderson
Guard - April Clayton
Knight - Justin Watt
Dodo - Ashley Gruber
Mad Hatter - Jordy Farrell
Queen of Hearts - Amanda Morris
Mouse - Tyler Blaschak
Lory - Lindsey Padenich
Bread and Butterfly - Rikki Heffern
Blackbird - Garrett Blaschak
Caterpillar - Hillary Kosnac
Sheep - Colleen Shaughnessy
Bee - Lauren Barney
Pigeon - Jessica White
Cheshire Cat - Thursday and Friday - Gina Luciani Saturday - Rikki Heffern
Queen of Clubs - Jennifer Chase
Humpty Dumpty - Jonathan Chase
Dormouse - Krystal Lewis
Messenger - Ashley Gruber
Queen of Diamonds - Michelle Baker
Soldier 1 - Maureen Shaughnessy
Soldier 2 - Megan Baker
Rose - Kaitlyn Fredrick
Pansy - Kathleen Shaughnessy


Shannon DeArment, Kimberly Chase, Peter Williams, Joe Wood