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Director - Charlotte D'Alfonso
Musical Director - Frank Stearns
Set Design and Construction - Vivian Alan
Poster Design - Pam Davis, Linda Kahler, Doug Dickason
Choreography - Dori Vignjevick
Stage Manager - Nicole Cook
Sets Chairman - Andy Gramata
Set Crew - Dave Saxion, Robin Mink, Cheryl Riley, Chuck Grover
Props Committee - Matt Crognale, Carole Conner
Make Up and Costume Chairman - Jenny Fenton
Crew - Chris Boyer, Jenny Grover, Lori Wetzel, Amy Post


Alan - Andy Mong
Jane - Stacey Reigleman
Uncle Barnaby - Matt Crognale
Gonsorgo - Bill Ruff
Roderigo - Amy Post
Widow Piper - Jenny Grover
Hilda (the maid) - Nicole Cook
Mary Quite Contrary - Robin Mink
Tom Thumb - Chuck Grover
Bo Peep - Carole Conner
Jill - Jenna Beh
Miss Muffet - Jenny Gramata
Sally Waters - Tina Allison
Curly Locks - Sarah Kahler
Bobby Shafto - Ross Miller
Boy Blue - Ryan Omen
Red Riding Hood - Betsy Klingensmith
Mother Hubbard - Angie D'Alfonso
Bear - Allison Post
Spider - Amy Fay
Fairy Queen - Eve Crognale
Grumio - Allison Post
Sentry Toy Soldier - Joy Lynn Reda
Apprentice # 1 - Eve Crognale
Apprentice # 2 - Chris Boyer
Apprentice # 3 - Lori Wetzel
Master Toymaker - Jenny Fenton
Beatrice Barefacts - Cheryl Riley
Bear On Stage - Chester Bocook

Toys On Stage

Stephanie Riley, Brandon Cooper, Matt Knauf

French Dolls

Jenny Groover, Tonya Bulboff, Erica Knauf, Tiffany Bulboff

Toys In Order Of Appreance

Joy Lynn Reda, Armen Bocook, Chester Bocook, Christina Keck, Aaron Grexa, Tonya Bulboff, Jenny Groover, Brandon Cooper, Kelli Kougher, Amanda Poe, Kim Thompson, Amy Fay, Jay Conner, Eve Crognale, Tim Ruff, Rebecca Hall, Tiffany Bulboff, Jenny Kahler, Erica Knauf, Matt Knauf, Stephane Riley, Bethany Framton, Brian Bocook

Puppets - Pam Conway, Pam Davis, Cindy Davis, Roberta Davis

Puppeteers - Linda Kahler, Kevin Hause

Dolls - Pam Davis, Carla Miller, Roberta Davis, Cindy Davis

Boo Hiss People - Kevin Kahler, Linda Kahler, Kevin Hause, Pam Conway

SPECIAL THANKS: Mrs Hall, Marg Keck, Doug Dickason, Pat Stearns, Suzie Reda, Mrs Groover, Sandi Gramata, Claudia Grinnell
A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Linda Maes who has helped all summer.