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Double Cast
Group One

Director - Charlotte D'Alfonso
Musical Director - Frank Stearns
Assistant Director - Rich Guseman
Assistant Director - Cheri Difford
Curtain and Scene Changes - Katie Walton, Nate Hart, Matt Davis
Lighting Design and Management - Scot Davis
Lighting - Jessica Bailes
Stage Manager - Colleen Walton
Sound Engineers - Matt Strausser, Tim Strausser
Props - Nadine Beil, Joy Lynn Reda
Make Up - Jen Miller, Melody Miller, Jen Riley, Jen Beil, Angie D'Alfonso, Jen Ferguson, Lesile Couch, Amy Krachkowski Costumes - Eve Crognale, Lori Gearart, Becky Beil, Nicole Cook
Programs - Nicki Cotters, Joey Cresswell, Carolyn Barney, Katie Davis, Julie Krumpack, Michael Dailey, Jason Bartnicki, Alicia Ziros
House - Dave Beil, Jason Gruber, Brenton Hoffman, Tyler Adams
THANK YOU Judy Eckler, Gail Eaton, Linda Seeley, Pat Stearns, Ruth Quinter, Sue Gray, Janet Hoffman, Kathy Walton, Jamie Brown, Sarah Kahler, Mary Francis Krachkowski, Ruth Gruber, John Irwin, Rick Bartosh. Vivian Allan for the special effects. Bill Robinson and the Thiel Theatre Department, St Michael's seventh grade class, everyone at East Middle School. Mary Beth Wilson, Lucia D'Alfonso, Ed Long and Suzie Reda for all the extra help this last week. A special thank you to all the kids and all the parents who have sacrificed their summers over the past ten years.
This is the tenth anniversary of the Young Peoples Theatre. I would especialy like to thank Bob Good and the Rec Center staff for their support, Cheri Difford who helped me the last time we did the Wizard Of Oz, John Strausser for his help with sound and my own kids for their suport over the years.
To Sandi Gramata - I thank you for helping in so many ways there's not enough paper to count them all.
To Rich Guesman - If it were not for you this year there would not have been a show. The cast and I say thank you, we love you.
To Frank Stearns who has been musical director for most of the ten years, Greenville is so lucky to have you and so are we.
Finally, to Tom D'Alfonso, my husband. Without you there would not have been the last ten years.


Dorthy - Jennifer Ferguson
Scarecrow - Eric Grover
Tinman - Brandon Cooper
Cowardly Lion - Brian Walton
Glinda - Jenny Beil
Wicked Witch - Eve Crognale
Professor Marvel / Oz - Matt Crognale
Aunt Em - Lori Gearhart
Uncle Henry - Brenton Hoffman
Miss Gulch - Nicole Cook
Zeke - Phillip Buiser
Hickory - Scot Davis
Hunk - Jason Patton
Marylee - Becky Beil
Mayor - Dave Beil
Barrister - Tina Allison
City Fathers - Becca Stewart, Amy Krachkowski
Coroner - Susan Turner
Doorman - Joy Lynn Reda
Nikko (Monkey General) - Tyler Adams
Lullabye League - Celeste Buiser, Leslie Couch, Amy Krachkowski
Lollipop Guild - Brenton Hoffman, Michael Dailey, Tyler Adams
Crows - Jason Gruber, Bradi Gray, Brandi Quinter, Stephanie Miller
Jitterbugs - Nadine Beil, Shannon Henry, Becky Beil, Kelly Lynch
Trees - Leslie Couch, Amy Krachkowski, Celeste Buiser, Becca Stewart, Tina Allison, Susan Turner
Apple Trees - Joy Lynn Reda, Chris Gearhart, Matt Crognale
Oz Guards - Nadine Beil, Joy Lynn Reda
Monkeys - Joey Cresswell, Jason Bartnicki, Dave Beil, Michael Dailey, Brenton Hoffman
Bees - Carolyn Barney, Nicki Cotters, Katie Davis, Tina Allison
Blinkies - Becca Stewart (Leader) Alicia Ziros, Julie Krumpack, Carrilyn Deist
Poppies - Nicki Cotters, Jason Gruber, Bradi Gray, Brandi Quinter, Jason Bartnicki, Carolyn Barney, Celeste Buiser Dave Beil, Alicia Ziros, Julie Krumpack, Joey Cresswell, Katie Davis
Winkie Quards - Jeny Beil, Jenny Ferguson, Eric Grover, Brandon Cooper, Brian Walton, Eve Crognale


Katie Davis, Alicia Ziros, Jason Bartnicki, Scot Davis, Carrilyn Deist, Joey Cresswell, Julie Krumpack, Jason Patton, Carolyn Barney, Nicki Cotters, Phil Buiser, Matt Davis


Nadine Beil, Kelly Lynch, Joy Lynn Reda, Becky Beil, Angie D'Alfonso, Nicole Cook, Shannon Henry, Jenny Riley


Joy Lynn Reda, Jenny Riley, Jason Patton, Lori Gearhart, Kelly Lynch, Angie D'Alfonso, Phil Buiser, Shannon Henry, Scot Davis, Nicole Cook, Nadine Beil