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Director - Charlotte D'Alfonso
Musical Director - Matt McCright
Rehearsal Pianist - Jocie Wilmouth
Choreography - Jennifer Ferguson, Heather Achenbach, Brandon Cooper
Assistant Directors - Justin Davis, Shannon DeArment
Acting Coach - Holly Curtis
Stage Managers - April Clayton, Emily Zgonc
Assistant Stage Manager - Allyson Blaschak
Set Director & Design - Brandon Cooper and various cast members
Set Crew - Jason Gruber, Jordi Farrell, Dave Beil, Jocie Wilmouth, Adam Curtis, Dave Zgonc, Mike Dailey, Michelle Zerr, Megan Zuschlag, Zac Zuschlag, April Clayton, Kate Zgonc, Shannon DeArment
Crew Director - Cheryl Szachak
House Manager - Megan Zuschlag
House Crew - Brandi Quinter, Carolyn Barney
Special Effects Director - Ken Arnold
Lighting - Shawn Farrell
Aristic Director - Michelle Zerr
Make Up - Chairman - Heather Achenbach
Crew - Nora Drake, Kate Zgonc, Holly Curtis, Jen Ferguson
Thursday - Zac Zuschlag, Megan Szewczyk
Saturday - Krystal Lewis, Mark Lauffer
Thursday - Emily Zgonc, April Clayton
Friday - Jordi Farrell, Elysa Farrell
Saturday - Allyson Blaschak, Angie Sepos

Ruth Quinter, Sandi Gramata, Tom D'Alfonso, Kathy and Tim Zgonc, Dr Bill Robinson and the Thiel Theatre Department, Ted Morus, Mary Fran Krachkowski, Trish Dailey, Terri Wilson, Larry Beckstein of Driftwood Gallery and Framing, Greenville School District.

A Special Thank You to Kate Zgonc for directing the Young Peoples Puppet Theatre for the Kid Fest.


Shannon DeArment who was chosen as an alternate to the Governors School For Theatre.
Andrew Wilson who performed in the children's chorus of the Greenville Country Playhouse production of EVITA.


Storyteller # 1 - Dave Zgonc

Act 1 - Scene 1 - A Farmyard in Kansas

Dorthy - Amy Krachkowski
Aunt Em - Jen Ferguson
Uncle Henry - Dave Beil
Hunk - Dave Beil
Hickory - Adam Curtis
Zeke - Brandon Cooper
Miss Gulch - Holly Curtis

Scene 2 - Professor Marvels Campsite

Professor Marvel - Ken Arnold

Scene 3 - Munchkinland

Storyteller # 2 - Dave Beil
Toto - Brandy Quinter
Boq - Allison Good
Mayor - Andrew Wilson
Loq - Zac Zuschlag
Toq - Krystal Lewis
Moq - Angela Sepos
Soq - Ashley Gruber
Doq - Allison Blaschak
Munchkin Rapper - Andrew Lauffer

Other Munchkins

Kaleigh Anderson, Justin Watt, Kelly Beckstein, Sarah Brest, Megan Szewczyk, Elysa Farrell, Mark Lauffer, Jake Snyder, Candy Vernille, Jordi Farrell, Carolyn Barney, Kelly Lugg, Tyler Blaschak, Gabrielle Brest, Joel Lauffer, Issac Lewis, Brad Gill, Brittany Zitterkopf


Michelle Zerr, Megan Zuschlag, April Clayton, Abby Kougher, Emily Zgonc


Kate Zgonc, Holly Curtis, Jen Ferguson, Heather Achenbach, Joscelyn Wilmouth
Toto - Brandi Quinter
Glinda - Nora Drake
Wicked Witch - Shannon DeArment
Scarecrow - Justin Davis

Scene 4 - Forest of the Fighting Trees

Storyteller # 3 - Brandon Cooper
Tinman - Dan Dawes
Lion - Mike Beckstein
Fuddle - Megan Szewczyk
Nellary - Elysa Farrell
Wogglebug - Jordi Farrell
Gwig - Sarah Brest

Fighting Trees

Michelle Zerr, April Clayton, Emily Zgonc, Jason Gruber, Isaac Lewis

Scene 5 - The Rainbows Daughter

Storyteller # 4 - April Clayton
Polychrome - Carolyn Barney

Scene 6 - Forest of the Jitterbugs

Storyteller # 4 - Emily Zgonc
Head Scoodler - Kelly Lugg
Scoodler 1 - Ashley Gruber
Scoodler 2 - Justin Watt
Head Flutterbudget - Tyler Blaschak
Flutterbudget 1 - Sarah Brest
Flutterbudget 2 - Brad Gill
Flutterbudget 3 - Gabrielle Brest
Head Gilken - Angela Sepos
Gilken 1 - Megan Szewczyk
Gilken 2 - Allyson Blaschak
Gilken 3 - Candy Vernlle
Gilken 4 - Brittany Zitterkopf


Allison Good, Kaleigh Anderson, Elysa Farrel, Carolyn Barney


Jordi Farrell, Isaac Lewis, Zac Zuschlag, Jason Gruber, Michelle Zerr, April Clayton
Bush - Ken Arnold
Monkey Queen - Kelly Beckstein
Monkey King - Mark Lauffer
Monkey # 3 - Jake Snyder
Monkey # 4 - Joel Lauffer


Kate Zgonc, Jen Ferguson, Holly Curtis, Dave Beil, Dave Zgonc, Andrew Wilson, Krystal Lewis, Adam Curtis, Abby Kougher, Brandon Cooper, Heather Achenbach, Joscelyn Wilmouth, Megan Zuschlag

Act 2 - Scene 1 - The Land Of The China Princess

China Princess - Emily Zgonc
China Dolls - Angela Sepos, Carolyn Barney

Scene 2 - The Palace Of Oz

Storyteller # 6 - Carolyn Barney
General 1 - Allyson Blaschak


Sarah Brest, Zac Zuschlag, Abby Kougher, Jason Gruber, Isaac Lewis, Candy Vernille, Justin Watt, Tyler Blaschak, Kaleigh Anderson, Jordi Farrell, Elysa Farrell, Brad Gill
Private - Adam Curtis
Ozma - April Clayton
Lady Growlie, Heather Achenbach
Guardian 1 - Michelle Zerr
Guardian 2 - Megan Zuschlag
Oz - Brandon Cooper

Oz Citizen

Ken Arnold, Holly Curtis, Dave Beil, Jen Ferguson
Storyteller # 7 - Heather Achenbach

Scene 3 - Road To Wicked Witches Castle

Scene 4 - Wicked Witches Castle

Storyteller # 8 - Jen Ferguson
Mombi - Kate Zgonc
Tibia - Dave Zgonc
Bubonia - Joscelyn Wilmouth

Scene 5 - Witches Castle

Storyteller # 9 - Michelle Zerr


Heather Achenbach, Angie Sepos, Isaac Lewis, Nora Drake

Scene 6 - The Palace Of Oz

Storyteller # 10 - Kate Zgonc
Entire Cast