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  "Jacob," a film about missing minority children 05-06-2006

LIC Community Boathouse volunteers were honored to help local filmmakers with the production of "Jacob," the fictional story of a Bronx boy of Latino and caucasian heritage whose disappearance is overshadowed by the media frenzy surrounding a missing white boy from Oregon. This gripping movie (see the trailer at)
was written, directed, and co-produced by LIC resident Philip Buiser and co-produced by Natalie Chavoya. It highlights the sad reality that minority crime victims are often overlooked and underserved. Paddlers from the LIC Community Boathouse took the film crew out in kayaks and canoes in Hallets Cove to shoot a critical scene in which Jacob's red backpack is spotted floating down the East River. Coming soon are details about a June 16 benefit event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for the film and a foundation for missing children.